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A1 AI works across diverse global regions, making connections and 

quickly identifying patterns which are often unrecognised


Networks =

AI + Cloud + Digital Assets

A1 AI advises FIs on the development of interoperable networks using AI, ML, Cloud & Digital Assets which are loosening bonds & creating new centres of gravity in financial services

A1 AI is part of global innovation projects

deploying proprietary technologies as data, AI, ML, digital assets & cloud increasingly

rank amongst the world’s most valuable 


We advise on systems interoperability both between FIs & between FIs & non FIs in consultation with leading technologists, legal & regulatory compliance professionals in diverse jurisdictions & industries

Climate change is an absolute priority

We have access to clean energy data centres

& active relationships with ESG focused FIs

A1 AI advises on the selection, design and implementation of predictive analytics which are informing an increasing number of key decisions in FIs

Decisions are being made 

using predictive analytics and data

We provide clarity on strategies required to effectively drive predictive 

analytics including the technical & regulatory aspects of ‘black box’ AI

Algorithms have parents

What are your machines learning?


We advise on strategic priorities in the ethical governance of AI. 


Legislation is replacing self-governance models in AI as long established constitutions & principles are translated to the digital world.

We focus on bias elimination and adequate training of algorithms for compliance with industry standards, current and prospective legislation in diverse jurisdictions.

Consulting fit for the 5th Industrial Revolution

We are part of a rapidly evolving, connected

world where AI, cloud & digital assets are routinely used by regulated FIs in multiple jurisdictions. 


FIs deploying AI lead the digital

transformation conversation